7 Best Ways to Send Large Files Over the Internet in 2022

Gone are the days of quickly posting files or sharing with others those problematic ideas. The gift of technology has given us so many software and service providers over the years that it can be confusing as to where to choose.

After trying a lot, I have cleaned up some of the best file-sharing tools for mobile and desktop to share large files online. These programs and services are categorized according to the ease of use and features they offer like Customer upload files for WooCommerce to come with them. So, let’s dig into the list to know more about these programs.

1. FileWhopper software

There are many types of software designed specifically to solve the problem of sending large files. The advantage of FileWhopper is that it allows you to send very large files, unlike other servers. Unlike the aforementioned Google Drive, Dropbox and others, this service is paid once.

Another benefit of such a program is that it offers free space (up to 5GB), which is more than double the cloud storage space. The opportunity is very simple and all you have to do is create your statement and the party can start! It’s important to say It’s easy to use, broadcast information is tagged and protected with keywords, and files are sent and received quickly.

2. Cloud Storage Space

Using cloud storage space such as Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox is one of the easiest and most popular ways to send large files. Depending on your email service, you may be able to use appropriate cloud storage, such as Google Drive for Gmail or OneDrive for Outlook.com.

If you download a plugin for a provider like Gmail, you’ll see a Google Drive account preinstalled. Just click, select a file and upload it as a regular attachment.

In addition, Dropbox allows you to send large files and then send the website via email or text message to the recipient. With the free Dropbox feature, you get 2 GB of storage space. For $ 9.99 a month, you can upgrade your storage to 1TB.

3. WeTransfer

Today, WeTransfer has become one of the most popular mobile file-sharing tools. One of the main reasons you should use this app is the ease of sharing/sending files. Yes, once you get to the official site, you can start sending files to your friends without registering. However, keep in mind that the file you send will be available for a week. Also, there is a 20 GB file size limit when transferring, which is very limited.

But if you need more time to expire and install the file capability, you can purchase the add-on, which allows you to choose your own expiration time. Delete files? No limits! But for the recipient, will receive an email notification directing them to the center to receive the file. Yes, it is very simple. Available for Android as well as iOS phones.

WeTransfer is also “friendly” to your phone because most of the app is small and you don’t need a lot of RAM when using it. To get a better idea, check out our full review on WeTransfer.

4.ZIP Files

ZIP files are one of the oldest ways to reduce the number of files before they are transferred between devices or by email. Create a ZIP file and attach a file to it, commonly referred to as zipping, which is supported on Windows, macOS, and Android operating systems, as well as many of Apple’s advanced apps on iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad.

Multiple files can be added to a single ZIP file, which can help organize multiple items, and a ZIP file can also include a label to protect its contents.

The downside of ZIP files is that they are very small in size, so it’s not a solution if you’re wondering how to email a 10GB video and make sure it’s 25MB. However, it is worth trying if it is only a few MB.

5. Sendy PRO.

Sendy PRO, the Sendy Anywhere platform, provides 1TB of cloud storage and unlimited cloud storage for large file transfers. What makes this tool different from others is that it can send your files with 6 digit keys to recipients, so you can share files without having to access every email address.

Alternatively, you can send the link via email or a professional messenger like Slack when you don’t need to transfer files in real-time. Sendy PRO allows you to upload large files using the Chrome extension, the Outlook extension, and the Sendy Anywhere website.

The 6-digit key allows you to quickly send text messages or files to anyone without having to provide an email address. This can be ideal for quickly transferring files to partners or sending a file to a friend.

6. Pibox

Pibox is one of the most unique file-sharing platforms out there. In addition to the ability to share files or send, this application allows you to connect with friends to the messenger. So, if you’re a big fan of conversations, you’ll love Pibox.

However, you need to register first before you can send files or chat with friends. In addition, you should invite your friends to use your phone numbers to start conversations and share files.

So far, there is no subscription fee for Pibox, so all users are welcome here. Pibox is now available for Android and desktop. The developers of the app say they will soon develop an iOS version.

7. JumboMail

JumboMail is a great tool for anyone wondering how to send large files via email without signing up for another email address. Anyone can send an email from the main JumboMail website using their existing email and you don’t need to register an account.

Email attachments are limited to 2GB, which should be enough for most people, though you can also sign up for $ 12 every four months. ‘ adds the limit to 20GB. WeTransfer and SecurelySend are similar services to JumboMail and also offer 2 GB of storage for free users.

Concluding Remarks

To publish or share what has become like life in the online world today. We used to send files to others via email, which was easy, but there’s a big limitation that made it no longer fun.

The mobile phones and online services mentioned above are some of the best on the market to take the hassle out of file sharing and allow you to enjoy the different features they offer. Tell us your experience with any of these programs or services.