Durable Student ID Card Print Nepal | 100% Water Proof

Print the students’ ID card required for the upcoming session, Now at a cheap, that too Durable ID card. Durable Student ID Card Print Available now in Nepal.

We have brought Durable ID cards. After printing, if you are worried that the color will go away after 2 or 3 months, then don’t worry.

Even if you keep it immersed in water for 5 hours, there is no problem in the color. We have tried this experiment and we have also mentioned the photo of that card below.

Along with the card you will get a holder and a digital ribbon(Lanyard Ribbon). Which is strong and reliable.

Card holders are available in various colors and designs. The colors available are white, red, green, blue and water color and you can also get metal card holder. Designs of available card holders are posted below.

id card holder in different color

Digital ribbon or Lanyard Dori are available in 16 mm. and 20 mm. You will be able to print your school, college and company name, number, logo and design as per your requirement. Below are some digital ribbon designs posted.

id card design in nepali

ID Card Print Price in Nepal

We have mainly two types of Durable ID Cards.
1 Pasting ID Card:

This card is pasted on the holder. This card is mainly useful for students. A sample of this card is mentioned below.

pasting id card
Pasting ID Card Sample with Normal Ribbon

Cost of Pasting ID Card:

The cost of Pasting ID Card is Rs.90. In this card you will get durable & 100% water proof cards. And also you get a multi-color ribbon. Similarly, the holder will be available in white color.
If you need normal screen printing ribbon it costs Rs.60 only. But if the ribbon is taken digitally, it will cost Rs.90.

id card print nepal

2 Gloss ID Card:

This card is not attached to the holder but is inserted inside the holder. And this card is useful for everyone from students to teachers and staff.

Cost of Gloss Durable ID Cards.

The price of Gloss ID card is Rs.110, in which you will get a multi-colored ribbon and a strong card holder. This card is 100% protected from water and durable. There is no color blurring problem.

If you get a ribbon printed by normal screen printing, then you can get this card for Rs.70. And only the name of the school will be printed on the ribbon.

यो पोष्ट Nepali मा पढ्न यहाँ क्लिक गर्नुहोला ।

We will give 100% guarantee on the color of the card. If there is any problem with the color of the card, we will return all the money.

In the same way, we use plastic clips for ribbons, which do not have the problem of rusting or cracking. It is very strong.

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