ID Card Print, Free Design With Price List in Nepal

Print school, college and official ID cards, with Mero Design Studio. We will provide quality prints at reasonable prices.

You can get this service by siting at home. In this case, you can order an ID card from your home or office.

For this, the name of the school, college and company, number, address and details of the person you need to message us on Facebook, WhatsApp, Imo.

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Types of ID Card

There are three main types of ID cards available.

  1. Gloss ID card
  2. Pasting ID card  (not available at time time)
  3. Durable ID Card


Gloss ID Card Print

Gloss id card can be use for students. And this is very popular in our country. If you are thinking of printing a card for your staff, this may be the best option. In terms of price and quality, this card is the best choice for your staff and students at once. 

ID Card Print Sample with Card Holder


Gloss ID Card Print Sample with holder

This card is printed in both side. The price of single side is start from Rs. 60/- and the price of double side start from Rs.80 /-. It’s price also depends on quantity.

ID Card Design Sample


ID Card Print Sample

Gloss ID Card Print Sample


ID Card Print Sample

See table below for detailed price:

Quantity Rate (Nrs.) for Single Side Rate (Nrs.) for Double Side
10-30 Pcs 250/- Per Piece 300/- Per Piece
30-60 Pcs 150/- Per Piece 200/- Per Piece
60-100 Pcs 100/- Per Piece 150/- Per Piece
100 Pcs – 60/- Per Piece 90/- Per Piece
Price for Gloss ID Card Print Table

Also at this price you can get both card holder and ribbon. You can use also multi color printed ribbon.

Normal Pasting ID Card Print:

This card is mainly useful for students. Because it is not discolor from the sun and water. This card is more useful for students up to class 10.

pasting plastic id card


Pasting ID Card Sample

The photo above is a photo of the pasting card.

school id card printing service in nepal

Price Depends on Quantity

The price depends on the quantity. If you order high quantity, the price will go down. If you order less, the price will go up. When you order, you have to pay a minimum of 10 pieces. If the price is less than 10 pieces, you will have to pay for 10 cards.

Normal Plastic Pasting ID Card with ribbon print


Pasting ID Card with Ribbon

At this price you can get Card holder and printed ribbon. Even ribbon print is single color from screen print. 


Multi Color (Digital) Ribbon Print

It is also called digital print. You can print it in many colors. This is very popular as the print comes out according to your brand color. But the cost is much higher. Prices start at Rs 70 per piece. If you have a lot of orders, the price will definitely low. You need to order at least 10 pieces for this ribbon order.

You can order online. For order massage us on Whatsapp, IMO, Viber or direct Email to order. We will replay you after the sample is ready.

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