Business Card Design & Printing Service in Nepal (Best Price)

Print your office, shop, company visiting card at a very cheap price. We will print your visiting card for only Rs. 1 for 1 piece card.
Your visiting card provides complete information about your business. This is very important for business as it attracts customers.
So when designing a business card, you have to be very careful. We have hundreds of business card designs sample.
You can choose any design from it or we will make the design as you want.
Mero Design Studio has been providing printing services to you for the last 6 years. We specialize in graphics design and print.

visiting card design sample
business card design sample guarantees that the business cards we create represent the goods and services of your company or organization.
Business cards can be prepared in two ways, Single-sided and Double-sided.

Price of Business Card (Single side & Double side)

The price of a single side visiting card is Rs. 1 for 1 piece.

QuantityPrice in Nrs.
2000 pcsRs. 2000.
Single side visiting card price list table.
business card for dreams taj
Dreams Taj

The price of double side visiting card is Rs. 1.5 for 1 piece.

QuantityPrice in Nrs.
500 pcsRs. 1000.
1000 pcsRs. 1800

Double side visiting card price list table.

The print quality of a visiting card should be two types.

1. Matt Lamination: It is slightly softer than gloss lamination. That is, its lamination is of a light fall type. The cover pages of our book are all matte lamination.

2. Gloss Lamination: Gloss lamination: It is almost as smooth as a photo. Gloss lamination tends to be smooth and shiny.

Visiting card design price in Nepal

Visiting card design price in Nepal are different according to the agency. Someone also provides the service for free, while others charge Rs. 200 to Rs. 500. But if you work with us or trust us and order a print, we will design your visiting card for free. But some designs that are a little more complex can be charged less.

Visiting card sample in Nepal or Nepali

Find out some visiting card sample in Nepal or Nepali. Here are some business card design in Nepali.

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