Facebook Ads Service in Nepal – 10 Benefits of Facebook Advertising:

Connect with billions of users to grow your business. If you’r planning to promote your business through facebook advertising, We are the best selection for this task so contact us.

Facebook is a social network that has become a very reliable medium for business advertising. Whether it’s a small business or a large business, Facebook advertising has become a very effective tool for all businesses. In this way, you can operate facebook Ads at low cost by targeting only those buyers who are interested in your goods and services. These days, businesses or manufacturers are using the social network to promote their products and services.

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Facebook add details in nepali

Mero Design Studio has been providing Facebook ads service at a very affordable price. We have been dedicated to your service for the past 5 years. You can get endless visitors to your website by using Facebook Ads. You can also increase sales of your goods and services.

Radio, TV Advertising dates are now out of date. This is much less effective than spending on old dates, compared to Facebook Ads. You can get the most out of Facebook Ads at affordable price. Therefore, Facebook Marketing are less expensive and more effective.

Rate of Facebook Ads in Nepal:

From Mero Design Studio you will be able to get Facebook Advertising service at a very affordable price. We will advertise on Facebook for only 20% service charge. In which you can also get the free design. You can choose a budget on a daily basis. From $1 for one day. If you run a week of advertising, you spend $7 on Facebook Ads in seven days, and we charge a 20% service charge. So you have to spend a total of $7 for a week for Facebook ads and $9 including $2 service charge of Mero Design Studio.

Number of Facebook users in Nepal:

Facebook is the world’s number one social network. It is the only social site in the world with so many users. Therefore, it is famous all over the world and its users are increasing day by day. Thus, even in Nepal, its users are found to be around 20 million. This number is increasing day by day. On a site with so many users, you can set up a Facebook ads as you wish.

10 Benefits of Facebook Advertising:

Targeted audiences by location, demographics, interest & behaviors

The main reason for facebook advertising to be effective is the targeted audiences. You can advertise your goods and services within the limited area, where you want. Also, you can target the interest, demography, behavior of the customer, which increases the effectiveness of facebook marketing. For example, if you want to increase the sales by advertising to buyers living only within the Kathmandu district, you can only target Kathmandu and  that possibility on Facebook. Similarly, you can set up a Facebook ads targeting only buyers who are interested in your product and services

You can target to mobile users, computers, laptop users, etc. Also uou can set up a facebook ads targeting women, men, age groups, etc.

Your customers spend most of their time on Facebook

The world is busy with facebook right now. The Corona epidemic has confined everyone to their homes and they all use the social network facebook to pass the time. In this case, your facebook ads reach more buyers. Sales of goods and services increase.

Facebook advertising is very fast

You will be able to advertise on facebook to fast. You can advertise on facebook within five minutes. The traditional method radio, T.V., etc. advertising is slow and expensive.

Mistakes can be easily corrected

If there is a any mistake in the advertisements on Radio, TV & Newspaper advertising, it will be very difficult and expensive to correct. But if you need to make a change while advertising on facebook, you can make a change easily and it is not expensive.

Increase Brand awareness

If you want to increase your brand awareness, Facebook can be a great medium. Awareness is about attracting targeted customers to your company’s products and services. There are various options on Facebook. For example, to increase the visitors to the website, to increase the likes on your facebook page, to installed apps, to increase the view on the video, to increase the awareness, etc. There are many other options besides this facebook ad. Which you can choose before setting up the facebook ads.

Increase website traffic

With facebook advertising, you can increase the number of visitors to your company’s website. There are various options before setting up an facebook ad, including a website visitor. You can increase the number of visitors to your company’s website by choosing this option.

Facebook ads are measurable

The febook ads are measurable. You will be able to measure the results obtained from this, from which you can easily find the effectiveness of the advertisement. You can easily find out how much your sales of goods and services have changed before and after advertising.

Increase Email list

With facebook ads you can collect emails from buyers, which will help you in Email Marketing. You can also collect your customers’ names, addresses, mobile numbers, etc.

You can see the full details of the expenses yourself

You can see for yourself how much it costs to advertise on Facebook. You can also see what age groups of customers are interested in your ads. Such details will be of great help to you in making future sales objectives.

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