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T-shirt and Jersey Print

Print the jerseys needed for the football league, at a very affordable price. We will print jerseys and t-shirts required for football leagues, tennis competitions, volleyball, cricket leagues, marathons, various events.

Mero design studio is in Jitpur Simara Sub-metropolitan 7, Jitpur, Bara. We are on the left side of the road from Tenda Road to Tarkari Bazaar.

t-shirt printing service from birgunj

We will print your team name and number on your jersey with the help of screen print. We also have digital printing services available, which are a bit more expensive than screen prints but digital sticker prints tend to be much better and stronger than screen prints.

On screen printing we will provide you with rubber color print, which is life time durable.

You create we make!

Yes you create we make for your print on demand. We give your 100% high quality t-shirt and jersey printing service @ affordable price. We print digital print & traditional printing service which is call screen print. Which give your very affordable price.

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